Method 4: One Assignment from a Core Subject (April 10 – 13)

13 Apr

This week started out a little rough.  I was sick on Monday and had to call in an emergency sub which always throws the week off a little.  I decided to do my research using a more familiar method to the students.  This one is close to my original method that I mimicked from my mentor teacher during my student-teaching which includes the consistent assignments (Practice flashcards, R.I.S.E., and Practice spelling and vocabulary words).  In addition to these, I used to assign one math assignment and one language arts assignment.  In method four, I assigned all of the regular consistent assignments plus either one math assignment or one language arts assignment.

Students seemed to respond well to this method as it is familiar even though they week started off a little hectic.  We are currently learning about fractions.  Below, I have attached some samples of this week’s homework assignments.

On Wednesday night, students had to do a worksheet where they reviewed fractions.  Here is a copy of the pages from their workbooks:

On Thursday night, students did this worksheet that I got from  I absolutely LOVE this website!!!  Here is a copy of the worksheet they did on comparing fractions:

Comparing Fractions Worksheet

This is the data Ms. Chelsie complied of who completed their homework this week:

Homework Method 4

As far as overall completed homework, this week had a low rate.  Only five out of eighteen students did all of their homework for the week.


  • Students still have some practice with concepts learned at school.
  • Parents are able to see what their children are learning.
  • Homework doesn’t take as long as when I give assignments from all core subjects.  Therefore, students can have more free time to spend with family and participating in extracurricular activities.


  • Perhaps students have a negative anticipation for homework knowing that it is more than just the regular consistent assignments.  Therefore, more of them don’t complete the work.

Would I be willing to use this method in my future classes?

I like this method.  Perhaps a compromise between this method and other methods would be to only give it a couple times per week or to give it at the beginning of the week and then students can complete it as they have time.  That way if they have hula lessons or baseball practice one night, they can save it for a night when they don’t have much going on.


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