Project-Based Learning Only High School

4 Apr

Check out this video of a public school in Texas, Manor New Technology High School, that teaches 100% through project-based learning.

“Students at this school not only get the knowledge, but they learn the application.  So, the knowledge then becomes relavent when they have to apply it to a real-world situation.” -Steven Zipkes, Principal

Students who live in this school zone are chosed at random to attend this school.

98% of these students graduate.

100% of those students ar accepted to college.

For each project, students give presentations which are taken very seriously.  They work in groups to prepare the projects and then present them to the teachers and their classmates.  By the time they graduate, they have given two hundred presentations!  These students can articulate what they know!

So, what about state testing??  Manor high school outperformed Texas state standards in three out of four subjects: science, English, and social studies.

Steps to a Successful Project

  • Start with state standards.
  • Entry Event: Define learning goals.
  • Assess and adjust throughout.
  • Critical Friends: Peer feedback
  • Assess on multiple learning outcomes.

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