21 Mar

If you find yourself reading this blog, you probably fit into one of the following categories: you are a parent who spends countless confusing hours trying to assist your child in concepts you haven’t seen in twenty years; you are a fellow educator who wonders just what really happens to all that stuff you send home and how that astonishing penmanship somehow doesn’t show up on class work; you work somewhere in the field of education and I have begged you to help me with my thesis project; or, you are my professor who will also have the delighted pleasure of reading my thesis which will one day accompany this blog.  Regardless, I appreciate you being here and helping me as I venture to determine the purpose of homework and how it can best be utilized to benefit all parties involved.

Due to the fact that our school has so many families who have children spread out among grades, a school wide homework policy review board was created.  Up until this point in the whole two months of my career, I had never really thought too much about homework or why it exists.  Somehow it slipped pretty down near the very bottom of my list of first year teaching things to sit around and ponder.  I just knew that I had to do it in school; therefore, my students should have to do it too.  Right?  So, after my revelation in the middle of the faculty meeting, I decided to put that action research course into action.

Over the past and next few months, I have been / will be using various methods of homework assignments to establish my final conclusion on the great homework debate.  Is homework beneficial?  Does it just make things more confusing?  Does it offer extra practice that gets cut short in the classroom?  If it was cut out, would students ever develop effective study habits?  Does it cut too much into extracurricular activities and family time?  To be frank, I have no clue.  My goal is at the end of this project to have all the answers to the millions of homework mysteries that I, as a first year teacher, wonder every morning for point five seconds as last night’s homework slides across my desk and lands in the ever growing black hole of old homework assignments.  I assure you that any feedback will be considered and appreciated!

Mahalo for your kokua.


One Response to “Aloooooooha”

  1. Holly April 3, 2012 at 8:08 AM #

    I believe homework is very beneficial because it supports what is learned in class. It makes them think outside of school, otherwise as soon as they walk out of class most of what they were taught is soon forgotten.

    It will also force them to pay attention in class so they can apply it to their homework assignment.

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